DiverTug DT Tek24

DiverTug DT Tek24 is an adaptable, super comfortable scooter.

Matching all types of diving: Recreational or technical, open water or cave.

Lightweight, convertible to shorter size and many colour options.

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Product Details

DiverTug DT Tek24 is lightweight and adaptable.

This model is aimed at technical divers, who are looking for a DPV with great price-value relation. 130m maximum depth and 205 min runtime give enough options for most tec dives.

However, it is a misconception, that scooters are only for technical divers! This scooter is just as fun for recreational divers to get to their favourite wrecks faster, discover a dive site throughout, avoid currents. Only 12.7kg in weight and the folding handle that reduces the space required for its transport, can be an ideal choice for any diver!

The long version Tek24

is 12.7 kg and 55 mm longer, but it gives a little more space for rigging camera and lights on it. With the increased battery capacity the runtime is 205 min on cruiser speed and 120 min on max speed. This is easily enough for 2-3 recreational dives or a long technical dive when the scooter is constantly needed (like in a cave.) Even with the increased size and weight, the DiverTug Combi is still a practical, small scooter.
The outer charger makes the scooter safer, reducing the chance of mistake at the assembly as well as shortening the preparation time. We recommend to open up for long storage (a few months) and disconnect the battery, otherwise, it can be stored assembled.

The thrust is the same on both version, 200Nw while the maximum operating depth is 130m. We got the question many times: How fast is the Divertug DT Combi scooter? Well, the answer is: it depends. The same thrust won't give you the same speed on a single tank and on a rebreather with 2-3 stages. In general, if a distance takes you swimming 15 minutes, with the scooter you will be there in 5 on cruiser speed. (Personally tested with different types of equipment)

One of the features what we really like is the cruise control. Especially on a long dive, you can just leave the scooter on, there is no need to keep the trigger pulled in.

Convertible to the short version Tek12

is only 10.2 kg with 120 min runtime at cruiser speed and 60 min on max speed. This is easily enough for a technical dive, where the scooter is used for the bottom part only, or a nice long recreational dive without a worry that it will run out of power even if max speed is used. It is easy to carry on land due to small size and weight even if many stage tanks are used or on a shore dive when longer walk is necessary.


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