It has all started with

setting up a DPV rental business.

After checking out the options, we have decided to go with the DiverTug brand. Coming from Malaga, Spain we have found the concept new and interesting.  We haven’t regretted our decision.

The scooters went through a great development since, improved in all levels regarding depth range, comfort, ease of use.

We are not only distributing new scooters but always have second-hand ones for sale.

From 2021 we also became a service centre, where we can fix all issues regarding DiverTug DPVs in-house.

2021 Halcyon brand came on

We are proud to be asked to be sales representatives for Hungary and Malta for the famous Halcyon brand.

We have a wide range of wings and backplates as demo equipment. These you can try in the water to feel why is this brand different from the others.

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2021 Summer we finally added SANTI drysuits and undersuits

Used SANTI drysuits ourselves for years, it was a logical step to add it to out product palette.

High quality suits and undersuits from Poland. The specific design makes them perfect for technical divers as well as recreational divers.

We only recommend and add brands and products which are tried and tested by ourselves.

2022 Now we have the rEvo rebreathers on the palette

Since Dora Farkas became a rEvo instructor for Malta, we have rEvo units and accessories available. Courses and crossovers are running all year around.

Why rEvo? These brilliant, compact, easy-to-use rebreathers have many functions and backup systems. Learn more about them here. 

See the units and accessories in the shop. There are more available, if you can not find something, just drop a message!

2022 Summer we checked out and liked the Avatar drysuits 

Are you looking for an affordable but good-quality drysuit and undersuit? Search no further. SANTI created the Avatar brand, which offers off-the-shelf suits and accessories.

Breathing membrane, cool design plus super light for travelling. No made-to-measure options, however, 16 men and 12 female standard sizes will help to have a well-fitting suit for You!

The under suit is made of recycled plastic to reduce the environmental impact.

 Check out this cool option!